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A Parent's Review

I saw this product via a friend's feed on Facebook and thought I'd give it a try. Boy am I glad I did!  My kids are eating it up.  My preschooler who was previously uninterested in learning her letters has latched onto this product in a big way.  She loves the bright colorful letter pieces and really enjoys the creative REUSABLE worksheets.  My kindergartener likes it too.  She loves to come home and practice what she learned in school.  She is even working ahead. I upgraded to the Deluxe Workbook so they practice their sounds in a buch of clever ways as well as work on guided handwriting worksheets.  The work surface is the lid of the slide top box.  It can sit up so it's like a laptop or lay flat.  My kindergartener practices her letters in the flat postion and does the rest when the lid is upright.  I love that my girls use their hands and can move around while they do it  We have some electronic learning games but I think it's great that this product let's them feel what they are doing.  There are a ton of workbooks that go with the box and it does math too.  I think I am going to buy the math add-on so they can work on their math skills.  For safety purposes the pieces are metal and the work surface is magnetic.  http://www.viewpoints.com/Fat-Cat-Phonics-Lets-Get-Ready-to-Read-Starter-Box-Set-reviews 


Teachers Love Fat Cat!

As a resource room teacher serving students with a wide spectrum of needs, it is always a pleasure to find something new.  I found that these materials worked particularly well with my emergent readers and those with oral language difficulties.  I have younger students with poor oral language skills, and the nature of the activities allowed them to demonstrate mastery, even when they couldn’t verbalize skills.  The colorful magnets were reinforcing and rewarding for primary students and everybody found them engaging. 

Interactive Learning

It has been repeatedly proven that young children learn best by touching, feeling and experiencing materials.  Based on this research, our interactive learning approach uses bright colorful manipulatives, a dry erase marker and hundreds of reusable worksheets to encourage your child's natural love of learning.
  • Safety is Priority 1:  Because small magnets present a health hazard, we use a large magnetic work surface and metal manipulatives.  Safe for children 3+.
  • The box is E X P A N D A B L E!  Our flexible system allows you to add workbooks as your child advances.  Removable panels make it easy to keep your young learner engaged and challenged.
  • We Offer Over 700 Worksheets & Counting:  Our colorful interactive worksheets are organized into early learning,pre-reading, beginning reading & early math.  We will contine to add workbooks to our product-line to keep up with your eager learner.
  • The Worksheets are Reusable:  Watch your student practice a particular skill until it is mastered.
  • One Box Serves All:  Our multi-level worksheets and removable panels allow one box to serve a variety of users in the home and/or the classroom.

Young Children Love to Learn & They Love to Play. 
Fat Cat Phonics Invites Your Child to Do Both!

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